Prosser Senior Community Center

1231 Dudley Avenue
Prosser , Washington 99350

Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 AM-1:00 PM

Phone: (509) 786-2915

Prosser Senior Citizens Club is a public gathering place for all - but especially for our beloved Prosser SENIORS. Programs, meals, information; ALL WELCOME!
  • All you can eat breakfast: 8-11:30AM the last Sundy of each month.     Location: dining room. Suggested donation: $6 adults $3 for those 8 and younger.
  • Bingo (18+): 9:30AM Wednesdays. Location: dining room. Three cards for $1 
  • Bingo Night (18+): 6PM second Friday of the month. $10 buy-in.
  • Birthday Celebration: 11AM to 1PM third Friday of the month. Call 509-786-1148 to verify. Location: dining room. Provided by Meals on Wheels. Suggested donation of $2.75.
  • Enhanced Fitness: 2-3PM Monday and Wednesdays. Location: dining room
  • Foot Care Wednesday:  For appointment, call 509-303-0079. Fill out fooot care application for assistance at center or $25 for private pay.
  • Mahjong: 1-3PM Tuesdays and Thursdays. Location:dining room. Free
  • Meals On Wheels: 11:45 AM Monday through Friday. Location: dining room
  • Pinochle:  5:30PM Thursdays. Location: Living room. Bring potluck dish to share. Free.
  • Billiards: Noon to 3PM. Mondays and Tuesdays. Free.
  • Tai Chia Quan: Mondays:beginners first Monday of the month;5PM Wednesdays a Fridays open practice for club members. Location: dining room. Call 509-430-1304
  • Wellness Class:  10:30AM Mondays and Thursdays. Taught by Cheri Eisen of Sirius Therapudics. location: living room. $4 per session for members, $5 for others. Call 509-497-1154