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Phone: (509) 545-4042
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Helping Hands-Funds are donated by local community members through their utility statement and collected through their utility companies. Funds are disbursed to CAC in which recipients must be below the federal poverty limits set forth by utility companies for customers pending disconnection or disconnected for non-payment.

Following utility companies provide this program to their customers: BENTON PUD, FRANKLIN PUD, BIG BEND ELECTRIC, CITY OF KENNEWICK and CITY OF RICHLAND

BENTON PUD assists customers with current utility statements that are experiencing extenuating financial circumstances aside from pending disconnection and/or have been disconnected for non-payment.

Extenuating financial circumstances listed below:

  • 14-day pay or vacate notice
  • Income reduced by 25%
  • Rent increased by 25%
  • Justified emergency/crisis
  • Risk of foreclosure

Senior and Disabled Discounts-Discounts are provided through local utility companies for low-income senior and disabled customers. Qualifications vary from utility company to utility company. Senior and Disabled discount applications are made available at local utility companies listed below: BENTON PUD, CITY OF RICHLAND, CITY OF PROSSER and CITY OF CONNELL.

Pasco Office - 720 W Court St, Upstairs - (509) 545-4042

Prosser Office - 424 6th St, #2 - (509) 786-3379 Fax # (509) 786-3359

Prosser Hours: Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. 9:00 AM -11:30 PM & 1:00 PM -4:00 PM