Safe Harbor Support Center for Children, Youth and Families

Crisis Nursery, Training Center & My Friends Place

1111 N Grant Place
Kennewick, Washington

Phone: 509-783-5734
Fax: 509-374-2703

Crisis Nursery and Family Support - 1111 N Grant Place

Training Center and My Friends Place - 1112 N Grant Place - See My Friends Place (under Teen Services) for additional information.

We work with children who have experienced trauma, or who have extreme behavior or social problems. We offer evidence based programs including Taming the Dragons which is for preschool age and elementary age children both onsite and have worked in schools offering our program. We also hold parenting classes, offer the Incredible Years, which helps reduce conflict in the home and children's behavior problems in both home and school. We hold the 4 hour parenting seminar which meets the requirements for Benton and Franklin County courts for parents who are involved in a custody case or divorce involving children. We also have a licensed mental health therapist on staff who offers groups for teen girls and private or family counseling.

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